HR Sci Presents - Organizational Capabilities: People, Process & Systems with Mindy Honcoop


Learning to Trust Yourself with Mindy Honcoop

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HR's Seat at the Executive Table with Mindy Honcoop

HR: A Seat at the Table - Who's Really in Charge? Uncover how HR can transcend its traditional boundaries to become a catalyst for transformative change with Mindy Honcoop


"Lead Different!" with Mindy Honcoop

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Mindy Honcoop Discusses Structuring HR & TA Organizations for Success, the Role of Fractional CPOs/CHROs, and the Potential of AI in HR and TA


"It's easy to think we know that answer, but caring for each employee is unique to each person. There are a lot of cultural nuances that go into it." - Mindy Honcoop

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Unlocking The Humanity of Work with Mindy Honcoop

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